Why Gaming Companies are betting on Blockchain for the future of Gaming

The gaming industry has seen a surge in the number of blockchained-based games that has created a new experience for both businesses and players. Blockchain games have many benefits such as enabling: enhanced security and lower-cost transactions improved user experience where players gain more control by selling or trading without the need for an intermediary. Square Enix released […]

How Smart Contracts Can Accelerate Your AI & Analytics Roadmap

Article at DAML.com “A recent study showed that almost 40% of the AI, analytics and data management investments by an organization go towards aggregating data from multiple internal and external source systems, reconciling inconsistencies, and creating a clean golden source of information. In addition, a significant budget is allocated for IT and operational customer service spending […]

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LAST UPDATED: 01 March 2023 PRIVACY POLICY At genesis.studio we care deeply about the protection of your personal data and we are truly committed in protecting your privacy. In this Privacy Policy, we describe how we collect and process personal data of all those who use our services as well as those who access and […]

GPJ – A implementação do chatGPT para o Ministério da Justiça pela genesis.studio

A Inteligência Artificial já esta presente nas nossas vidas há muitos anos. Em muitas atividades do dia a dia, como quando compramos um produto online, quando queremos saber o melhor caminho para chegar a um local, ou até quando ligamos um serviço de streaming que nos dá sugestões baseado nas nossas personalidades, a IA está […]


Blog Read more about Genesis in Local Media, Press & interesting articles about the future. All Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Culture Financial Education Automation Search Artificial Intelligence GPJ – A implementação do chatGPT para o Ministério da Justiça pela genesis.studio A Inteligência Artificial já esta presente nas nossas vidas há muitos anos. Em muitas atividades do dia […]


Customized solutions toaccelerate your business BOOK A CALL expertise in a wide range of areas Artificial Intelligence We boost your business efficiency by automating processes, leading to an improvement of speed and consistency of results. Outsourcing We bring our specialists closer to your needs. It is the swiftest way to strengthen your teams starting today. Web3 Solutions Decentralize […]

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Contactgenesis.studio Let’s make it happen! Contact us for new projects, partnerships and meetings. Prompt replies within 24 hours Best professionals in the IT world Hooked with the best resources Email us: info@genesis.studio Address: Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes, Lote 1, 7B, 1600-198 Lisboa, Portugal Call any time: (+351) 918 371 846 (rede móvel nacional) Wanna join […]

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About genesis.studio Our history Founded in December 2018, genesis.studio is a professional consulting, development, and integration services provider and a software house. Its Founders accumulate decades of experience in corporate advisory and enterprise-grade IT services and operations, spanning organizations from Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. We have explored what several cutting-edge technologies can and […]

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If we take care of our people they will take care of our customers Our Core Values People First Our top priority is to take care of our own. We believe it’s crucial to establish a healthy work-life balance with our team. For this, we acknowledge everyone is different, therefore we work with each individual […]

How PHC has created the best work experience

Today we published the most recent gen.talks, our podcast series, where we partnered with PHC Software to discuss how companies can create the best work experience possible. Since, for now, our podcast is in Portuguese, here’s a quick summary of what happened in English: PHC is a software company that has developed several solutions for small […]