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Data Capturing and

Capturing data from applications or files, understanding and transforming it, to be fed to other applications or files.

The act of data capture consists on the action of gathering data, especificaly from an automatic device, control system, application or sensor.

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This data is frequently in a mismatch of formats that require harmonization. The process of harmonization consist in reconciling information requirements and data standardization as the mapping of this simplified data to a predefined set of standards. It usually takes a set of activities to improve data consistency (the usage of the same terms to define the same things) this usually requires a semantic analysis before a syntax one. Analyzing meaning before form. The form or syntax can be created from standard naming rules that can be part of the technical specifications.

This ensures the elimination of unnecessary and redundant data; the alignment of domain, national/international data sets and the progressing of data sets into the standard bodies.

This will ensure that the message syntax is also harmonized when derived from the semantics using a naming and design rule (NDR) as part of standards-based Technical Specifications.

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