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We are committed to connect people & business through evolutive transformation and cutting-edge technology.

Our holistic approach to digital transformation

We bring people and tools up to the challenges and transformations in technology, operations, and business.

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IT Operations








Smart Contracts


Business Architecture

We develop solutions that automate your business

Automation of processes, activities, and tasks using robots and Machine Learning.

Robotic & Smart Process Automation
RPA/SPA combines applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create robots which can emulate human interaction using software and hardware.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning is the process through which an AI entity can learn new things from experience, without the need for being taught, and in a supervised or unsupervised manner.
RPA robot
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Decentralize your Data with our Blockchain Solutions

Connect unified smart contracts to multiple sources of data and other automation-enabling applications.

Smart Contract Applications
Self-executing digital contracts in which the terms are written in code. Each smart contract can be iterated on a single trustworthy DB and natively integrate with multiple participants and applications.
Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) & Blockchain
Mutualize the access to data, optimize multi-organization digital processes, distribute and share IT costs, transition from organizational "data controlling" to "data custody".

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on distributed non-repudiation solutions based on Blockchain for SSN was commissioned by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to conduct a study on the use of distributed non-repudiation solutions based on Blockchain for SafeSeaNet, a network for maritime data exchange, linking together maritime authorities from across Europe.

IT Operations & Sourcing

We bring our specialists closer to your needs. It is the swiftest way to strengthen your teams starting today.


Matching the best people and skills to the needs of our clients’ teams, projects and operations. We take the pressure of recruitment so that you can focus on your core business.

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We developed a quick way to find the best people for very specific technical tasks. We take pride in our diverse group of professionals that are able to solve your problems anywhere in the world.

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Our project to improve information efficiency within Healthcare professionals. We believe it will drastically change communication between medical professionals and their patients.

“PLANO-A” is a practical implementation of this concept in Portugal. The name “PLANO-A” stands for the “main plan” for the most important thing: our health and well-being.

It’s a remote health monitoring solution for COVID-19 and non-COVID illnesses with a mobile app for the patients and a web app for health staff with help of Machine Learning to predict events.

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With us, you can be a part of cutting-edge, world-changing technology. Our people-first approach creates an environment where everyone gets to evolve not only as a professional but as a person.
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