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genesis (noun): the origin or coming into being of something.

People First

We are on a mission to make the work experience the best possible. Your happiness is our priority. At genesis.studio we aim to create an environment where you can tell us what works best for you, and we’ll do our best to get you there.

We Are Global

We embrace the diversity in Humanity. We know that experiencing other cultures and ways of working and thinking is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. Our goal is to provide our people with as many opportunities to connect with other nations as much as possible.

Work Experience

We choose a remote-first approach whenever possible. We strive for the best work-life balance for our team, as we believe it harnesses the most creative energy. These core values create a great experience not only for our team but also for our customers.

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Founded in December 2018, genesis.studio is a professional consulting, development, and integration services provider and a software house.

Its Founders accumulate decades of experience in corporate advisory and enterprise-grade IT services and operations, spanning organizations from Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

We have explored what several cutting-edge technologies can and cannot do across a wide range of use cases, verticals and applications.

Our experience and methodologies can make it easier for organizations to acquire a holistic view of their own digital transformation journeys – from governance and business to operations and technology – and make decisions faster and simpler.

We have gathered a team of experts who can bring to fruition enterprise and industrial-grade technological solutions for the Industry 4.0.

We are headquartered in the magnificent city of Lisbon, a leading European startup hub where some of the most advanced startups and brilliant technological minds are thriving and innovating the world.

Honoring the 500-year-old Portuguese tradition of exploring the World, genesis.studio works with organizations and people on all continents and is permanently looking to expand its operations, whether by opening new offices or by leveraging on partnerships.

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The genesis.studio Team

guido santos
Guido Santos
Co-Founder & CTO
Luis pinto AI
Luís Pinto
Head of AI and Automation
sara salvado
Sara Salvado
People & Culture
Miguel Ferreira Marketing Manager
Miguel Ferreira
Marketing Manager
cintia costa
Cíntia Costa
Communications Manager

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