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Artificial Intelligence

We boost your business efficiency by automating processes, leading to an improvement of speed and consistency of results.


We bring our specialists closer to your needs. It is the swiftest way to strengthen your teams starting today.

Web3 Solutions

Decentralize your data through our DLT solutions to improve reliability, trust, security, and even speed. Bring your business to the new era of the internet.

We are digital experts in

Business Acceleration

Group 24

Automation of Processes

We build, deploy and manage Robot Process Automations and Machine Learning Algorithms to emulate human interaction using software and hardware.

Optimizing Data

Our automation solutions help businesses harness more value from their data, by automatically processing it and breaking it down to comprehensive, useful information.

IT Operations and Sourcing

We bring our specialists closer to your needs. It is the swiftest way to strengthen your team's starting today. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

Clients that trust us

rocket was always available to help us and adapt to changes in the project because many times we didn’t know the impact of some adjustments either. But in the end, we implemented a versatile and future-proof solution.The interaction with was always very positive creating strong bonds for future collaborations.

Digital Product Development

We help you build your product with a dedicated team, from the business plan, to DevOps, UX/UI Design, to your first MVP. After that we can assist structuring and implementing a Go To Market strategy.

Product Strategy

We'll help you review and set goals, define priorities, and develop a roadmap focused on your success. Implementing your vision is key.

UX/UI Design

We ideate with you, testing concepts and developing a design that will support your strategy. Our goal is to find harmony between your vision without compromising user experience.

MVP Building

Our dedicated software development team gives you a cost-effective, speedy solution for the architecture and data management of your project. We work with most of the major technologies, and we'll make sure to adapt to support your project.

Go to Market Strategy

Our Marketing team will develop a strategy to take your product to the market. From the first announcement to the yearly plan, we want to support you through every milestone.

We have specialists in

Operations and Sourcing


We find specialists that suit your needs, making sure that we adapt to you, and not the other way around. From a short-term deal to a long-term commitment, we are prepared to fulfill your requests.

Quality and Method

Active communication is key, through continuous follow-up and monthly reports. We provide members with the best work-life balance possible, sharing exclusive benefits that improve their lives.

Long Term Commitment

Usually, after training and experience*,* the optimal outcome is to keep people for the long run. Our long-term commitment allows our customers to hire directly the consultant after 12 months, at no extra cost.

Working at genesis makes me feel at home. We have a crazy and fantastic team, with very different people from each other. There’s mutual help and sharing of professional and personal experiences. We have incredible consultants who help us better understand what the market needs and invent new ones.

Margarida Almeida, 

Joined in July 2021

Working at is really exciting and fun, a disruptive company focused on improving genesis people’s lives and delivering the best to the customer, despite being my first professional experience in Portugal, I can already say that working at has been a pleasure.

Isaque Fagner,

Joined in December 2021

Working at is amazing. It’s a company that values ​​its professionals by allowing everyone to show their potential and talent. I love all the initiatives that the company provides, but my favorite is We are a fantastic team!

Maria Capelas,

Joined in October 2021

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