Custom GPT platform for your business is a platform that allows the creation of virtual assistants, based on the GPT algorithm.


Our product

  • Embrace the power of GenAI in a cost-effective way
  • Can be applied to any departments, such as HR, IT, Finance, Customer Support, Procurement, Suppliers, Partners, etc
  •’s scalability protects the investment and allows achieving quick returns on the investment.

The Problem

  • Every business has a high number of interactions, both in internal communications (between departments) and externally with customers, suppliers, and partners. This results in countless emails, phone calls, and messages, to solve very simple problems.
  • Usually, the solution to many of those problems is well documented inside the organization, but nowadays people don’t take the time to read or search for it.
  • Traditional chatbots were created to mitigate this issue, but with limited conversational skills and templated answers, they soon became more of a problem than a solution.

Our Solution

  • A generative, conversational, assistant, that can:
  • Understand the problem in the proper context of the situation;
  • Search through the knowledge base for the most correct answer;
  • Reply with natural text, like a person would, without templated answers or copying from the source;
  • Get feedback, positive or negative, and learn how to improve the answers;
  • Available 24/7.



  • Search engine able to index different data sources;
  • Knowledge Base;
  • Usage KPIs, including user feedback;
  • Interface, if needed, for the conversations with users with basic questions to start conversations and an invisible captcha;
  • Backoffice for the client to manage data sources, prompts, KPIs of conversations, answers, feedbacks, etc. It can also display used tokens for auditing purposes;
  • Injector to restrict or improve questions and answers.’s dashboard

Privacy & Security

  • ensures data security by using the Azure platform. There is a guarantee that the data is stored in a central location and is not used for the retraining of the GPT algorithm.
  • also ensures data anonymization, if needed, to protect user conversations.
  • backoffice accessible with different roles to ensure data privacy.
  • only uses the data sources defined by you.


Basic Plan

600 Monthly fee
  • 50 indexed pages
  • 5.000€ setup fee

Standard Plan

1000 Monthly fee
  • 500 indexed pages
  • 10.000€ setup fee

Premium Plan

1500 Monthly fee
  • 1.000 indexed pages
  • 15.000€ setup fee’s monthly fee provides full support and maintenance from the team, access to the backoffice, all the infrastructure associated and 1.000.000 tokens. Additional packs of 1.000.000 tokens may be added like the following:

1st Pack



2nd-20th Pack



21st Pack



Extra Modules enables two other modules:

Voice Module


where you can have speech to text to speech, with a monthly fee of 500€ for 500 hours of speech;

Image Module


where you can generate images based on a prompt request, with a monthly fee of 100€ for 1.000 images.

Business Case​ - Portuguese Ministry of Justice (GPJ)

The GPJ (translated as “Practical Justice Guide”) is a platform developed by that assists people with complex legal issues
This project was the first one developed in Portugal to go live, using Azure GPT. It was also the first implementation of Azure GPT in Public Administration in Europe. Thus, it provided with a valuable experience that contributed to the success of many other projects, ultimately leading to the development of our product.

Business Case - IEFP (Portuguese Employment and Vocational Training Institute) is powering IEFP’s virtual assistant, offering Portuguese citizens instant access to support on employment and vocational training. As Portugal’s primary governmental agency in this sector, IEFP is committed to providing efficient solutions. With genAI technology, the virtual assistant delivers personalized assistance, revolutionizing how citizens engage with employment and training resources. This collaboration represents a significant stride in digital innovation, making support services more accessible and effective for all.

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