people first genesis

If we take care of our people

they will take care of our customers

Our Core Values

People First

Our top priority is to take care of our own. We believe it's crucial to establish a healthy work-life balance with our team. For this, we acknowledge everyone is different, therefore we work with each individual to make sure they are happy. If we take good care of our people, they will take good care for our customers.

Dynamic Work

We are always on the lookout for new ways we can improve business. We always end up doing amazing brainstorming sessions, trying new tools and methods, and this is where we thrive. We want to share this amazing journey with our team.


We work with some of the latest cutting edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning and many Web3 solutions. Some of these areas are still being explored in ways they can be leveraged by businesses. It is definitely a challenge, but that's why we are here

Our Culture

These are our pillars for personal development

People First Approach

We support a people-centric culture, encouraging the personal journey of each individual within our organization and creating a good work environment.

Work-life balance

We think everyone should choose how and where they work, creating different models for each person to accomplish their own work-life balance.

Career Growth

We believe talent is an innate and unique ability of each human being and stimulating it leads to empowerment and excellence.

Mental Fitness Program

We promote a Mental Fitness Program for people who are dealing with personal issues. We want our people to thrive without compromising their mental health.

Team-building Activities

We develop team-building activities throughout the year, like Happy Hours, the Summer Event, and the Christmas Dinner, to keep the connection between our people.

Financial Education

We consider financial stability to be very important since is one of the major causes of stress. When people feel secure, productivity increases and the workplace environment also improves.

Employee Benefits

We have a specially curated array of benefits to make your work experience, and work-life balance as best as possible. These benefits were created and are constantly being improved by everyone. We realize different people require different things, so your feedback is crucial to keep these benefits perfect.

Health & Fitness

Health Insurance

Sick Leave

Life Insurance

Personal Leave

Family Health Insurance

Workplace Benefits

Remote Work Option

Flexible Schedule

Friendly Team

Career Growth

Group Learning

Personal Benefits

Entertainment Subscriptions

Meals and Deliverables

Gym Subscriptions

Discount Cupons

Domestic Services


Our Activities

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Working at genesis makes me feel at home. We have a crazy and fantastic team, with very different people from each other. There’s mutual help and sharing of professional and personal experiences. We have incredible consultants who help us better understand what the market needs and invent new ones.

Margarida Almeida, 

Joined in July 2021

Working at is really exciting and fun, a disruptive company focused on improving genesis people’s lives and delivering the best to the customer, despite being my first professional experience in Portugal, I can already say that working at has been a pleasure.

Isaque Fagner,

Joined in December 2021

Working at is amazing. It’s a company that values ​​its professionals by allowing everyone to show their potential and talent. I love all the initiatives that the company provides, but my favorite is We are a fantastic team!

Maria Capelas, 

Joined in October 2021

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You can be a part of cutting-edge, world-changing technology company. Our people-first approach creates an environment where everyone gets to evolve not only as a professional but as a person.