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We take pride in the way we work together.

A People First Approach

We believe it’s important to realize the power of creating a people-centric culture. One of our top priorities is to establish healthy work-life balances with our team members that work for each individual.

If we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers.

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Your Personal Journey

A people-first approach to us means specific values and actions.

True success in this way of treating people is about knowing everyone is different

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The three pillars for personal development within

Financial Education

When employees feel better about their finances and have a sense of security, everyone benefits. The overall mood improves when people feel more confident. The workplace environment inevitably improves. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress, which leads to major health issues.
For these reasons we created these programs:

  • Financial education workshops;
  • Group learning and Support.
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Career Development

Grow your personal career with

We are here to support you every step of the way. 

At genesis we stimulate talent however it may present itself. We believe talent is an innate ability that is unique to each human being. Harnessing it and empowering it is incredibly beneficial to everyone. bonuses

Mental Fitness

It’s OK not to be OK

Everyone has their flow. We always make sure everyone thrives at their pace because we believe you should accept who you are, but always keep improving yourself.

Our Mental Fitness program is our way of helping you on your journey of personal growth. Most of all, we want to ensure that you reach your goals without compromising your mental health.

At genesis we foster an environment where you can be open and talk about anything, and we also provide professional help anytime you need it.

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Employee Benefits

We have a specially curated array of benefits to make your work experience, and work-life balance as best as possible.
These benefits were created and are constantly being improved by everyone.
We realize different people require different things, so your feedback is crucial to keep these benefits perfect.

Health and Fitness

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Health Insurance

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Life Insurance

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Sick Leave

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Family Health Insurance

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Personal Leave


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Flexible Schedule


Friendly Team

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Group Learning

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Social Security

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Remote Work Option

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Career Growth

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Money and Finance

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Financial Education retirement

Retirement Plan

Personal Benefits

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Entertainment Subs.

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Gym Subscriptions

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Meals and Deliverables

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Domestic Services

The Team

guido santos
Guido Santos
Co-Founder & CTO
Luis pinto AI
Luís Pinto
Head of AI and Automation
sara salvado
Sara Salvado
People & Culture
Miguel Ferreira Marketing Manager
Miguel Ferreira
Marketing Manager
cintia costa
Cíntia Costa
Communications Manager

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