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Data Consolidation and Reporting

Creation of reports which are time-consuming can be partly taken over by RPA processes, leaving the user with the strictly necessary analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Data Consolidation And Reporting
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The initial process is data consolidation, this process includes the actions of gathering the data from whatever source they come from and remove redundancies, cleanup errors in both semantic and sintax before storing it at a specific location.

When the data is consolidated the reporting process can start. This process can be simple or very very complex. It can be automatic, user triggered by keyboard, voice or action. Maybe the simplest way to experience the process is to say good morning to your phone assistant, most of them have a capsule that access a source of consolidated data and reports information such as your schedule, the weather, traffic or any other information you may consider relevant.

If you scale up this process to a multimillion corporation with trillion lines of data this process requires specific queries, rules and formats so it can be displayed in actionable information so that humans in charge can make data driven decisions.

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