What is: Chatbots and Live Interaction

Robots can interact with collaborators, ask questions and perform tasks depending on the answers they receive.

According to Chatbots Magazine “A chatbot is a computer program powered by AI that allows you to interact with the customers via a chat interface.”

This will help you to avoid the client’s frustration of not having anyone/anything to interact with in order to unblock a purchase process. Either live chat or chatbots in a client assistance situation aim to lead the client along the sales funnel to achieve a smooth more satisfying buying process.

Unfortunately, most websites can’t have humans on call 24/7 so chatbots can provide the first line of assistance to a stuck client. The challenge consists of training the chatbot to be able to respond to the most common questions placed by humans. This requires a heavy set of trial and error where the chatbot can test different paths of interaction and evaluate if it worked. It will then avoid the paths of interaction with the least success rate.

When properly trained humans can hardly distinguish between talking with humans or with machines. The new Meena chatbot from researchers at Google is creating a new standard as the Jan 2020 paper “Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot” States demonstrating how a chatbot can mimic human conversation to the point of even creating a joke… not the best joke, but still a joke. With the mastery of language subtleties, machines will be seamlessly talking to humans who nowadays prefer to interact with machines rather than with other humans.

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