Data Fluxes and Integration

Transfer data between applications such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft tools, among many others.

Data Fluxes focus on the flow of information from application to application and inside an application. When one tries to integrate applications attention must be paid to how the information flows from one to the other and if no quality or metadata is lost in the process. So the first part is to analyze and harmonize the data fluxes. Gartner defines application integration as “the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together. Commonly required capabilities include:

  • Keeping separate copies of data (in independently designed applications) consistent
  • Orchestrating the integrated flow of multiple activities performed by disparate applications
  • Providing access to data and functionality from independently designed applications through what appears to be a single user interface or application service

These tasks make sure that all applications communicate and say what they mean to say.

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