ūüöÄ Riding the AI Wave: Crafting Resumes in the Digital Age ūü§Ė

Hey everyone! After 7 years in the IT recruitment game, I’ve seen firsthand how AI is shaking up the way we write our resumes. Buckle up for a ride through my experience and some thoughts on how AI is changing the game! So, I’m currently knee-deep in the world of machine learning and AI tech […]

Why Gaming Companies are betting on Blockchain for the future of Gaming

The¬†gaming industry¬†has seen a surge in the number of blockchained-based games that has created a new experience for both businesses and players. Blockchain games have many benefits such as enabling: enhanced security and lower-cost transactions improved user experience where players gain more control by selling or trading without the need for an intermediary. Square Enix¬†released […]

How Smart Contracts Can Accelerate Your AI & Analytics Roadmap

Article at DAML.com ‚ÄúA recent study showed that almost 40% of the AI, analytics and data management investments by an organization go towards aggregating data from multiple internal and external source systems, reconciling inconsistencies, and creating a clean golden source of information. In addition, a significant budget is allocated for IT and operational customer service spending […]