How Smart Contracts Can Accelerate Your AI & Analytics Roadmap

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“A recent study showed that almost 40% of the AI, analytics and data management investments by an organization go towards aggregating data from multiple internal and external source systems, reconciling inconsistencies, and creating a clean golden source of information. In addition, a significant budget is allocated for IT and operational customer service spending to mitigate and address data quality issues due to inconsistent data silos.” Guido Santos

“In this blog post, we will first review the traditional approach to data management, and then outline a new approach to bridge data silos using smart contracts. We believe this can be a useful addition to an organization’s data science toolkit to address this data management problem and achieve a clean source of data to drive AI and analytics initiatives. We will also introduce how this has been achieved in practice using our enterprise integration solution Gen.Flow which uses Daml smart contracts and allows all digital applications to operate using a golden source for both business processes as well as data silos. Special thanks to Manish Grover from Digital Asset for his insights.” (Excerpt from the blog post)

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