is opening job opportunities for Ukranian nationals is opening job opportunities for Ukranian nationals

We are living in challenging times. We at have several open positions for which we welcome our Ukrainian friends and all citizens of Europe. We can help find accommodation and handle the paperwork needed for you to live and work in Portugal.
We are especially committed to helping war refugees coming to Portugal. If you are one of them, please contact us through to see how we can help you.

Here are 10 reasons for you to consider Portugal as your next step:

  • Portugal is 5th out of the 59 destinations ranked on the Best Places for Expats Survey, and the only European city to make it to the top 10. (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Portugal is home to some of the happiest ex-pats worldwide: 84% are happy with their life in general, compared to a global average of 75%. (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Portugal has one of the highest “quality of life” rates, ranking 3rd out of 59 destinations in this index. (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Portugal is 2nd on the ranking “Feel at Home”, since over four in five ex-pats find it easy to feel at home in (83%) and get used to (82%) the local culture, and don’t struggle with settling down in the country (84%). (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Portugal is the best country in the world for remote workers, ranking 1st on several categories, such as climate, social life, low crime rate, and relatively affordable cost of living. (source: Momondo Travel-Work Rank)
  • Portugal is the 4th safest country in the world, just behind Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark (source: Global Peace Index 2021)
  • 96% of ex-pats describe the country as peaceful (vs. 80% globally) and 97% feel safe in Portugal (vs. 84% globally). (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Expats particularly appreciate the local leisure options (87% positive replies vs. 72% globally) and the sunny climate and weather (90% vs. 66% globally). (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • Nearly four in five (79%) are also happy with their own socializing and leisure activities (vs. 67% globally). (source: Expat Insider 2021)
  • 89% of respondents confirm that they are generally happy with their working life and their work-life balance. (source: Expat Insider 2021)

If you need any additional information, let us know. We are hoping everyone stays safe and this situation can be over soon!

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