Innovation as the key driver of the global economy took part of Global Innovation Summit, a two-day event that was held in Centro de Congressos do Estoril, near Lisbon. This conference gathered worldwide leaders to talk about the importance of innovation in an ever-changing world, focusing
primarily on Blue and Green economies, namely the Ocean and Nature.

On June 22nd and 23rd, Portugal was the center of the Eureka Network, considered to be “the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation”, by hosting a two-day conference called Global Innovation Summit. This event gathered international leaders, top decision-makers, companies of different dimensions, and key research organizations from all over the globe to work together on some of the most critical challenges worldwide.

The inspiration for this initiative was the Atlantic Ocean and the motto “Innovation for a Greener, Digital and Healthier Planet through a collaborative approach”. The panels of speakers throughout the two days were focused on three main areas:

1)      Strategy & Policy-Making

2)      Tech for Green

3)      Digital Transition

Some of the key topics of discussion were the present and future environmental and health challenges, the changes in entrepreneurship and new funding models, the need to reduce inequality and contribute to a sustained and long-term economic growth, the future of learning and education, the link amongst Universities and Companies, the future of Circular Economy and Smart Cities, amongst other subjects.

Here are some takeaways from these talks:

  • Innovation still has a long cycle, from idea to market, so we must work together to reduce it;
  • To solve the global challenges we must cooperate as a united front;
  • There are 4 main concerns for the future: Decarbonization, Demography, Digitalization, and Deglobalization;
  • Universities must have a trustworthy relationship with companies so innovations can reach the market in time and help solve real-world problems;
  • Entrepreneurship also has a key role in the innovation ecosystem;
  • Circular economy is becoming more important to companies around the world, but its adoption is still difficult in terms of cost and time;
  • Blockchain can bring a lot of benefits to different industries, but it has to evolve and become more sustainable in what concerns energy consumption;
  • The Blue and Green economies must be our priority in terms of innovation, focusing on sustainability before tackling other issues.

At, we work daily to make sure innovation reaches the market, by using Web3 technologies. We believe that everyone can make a difference, so we choose to be bold and pioneer in what we do.

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