The AI Boom in HR: What Does it Mean for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in HR departments across the world has grown during the past year, this tech boom is changing how companies hire, manage and engage with employees. At the demand for our product keeps rising, specifically to manage HR processes, as a result of this trend. But why is […]

ūüöÄ Riding the AI Wave: Crafting Resumes in the Digital Age ūü§Ė

Hey everyone! After 7 years in the IT recruitment game, I’ve seen firsthand how AI is shaking up the way we write our resumes. Buckle up for a ride through my experience and some thoughts on how AI is changing the game! So, I’m currently knee-deep in the world of machine learning and AI tech […]

Why Gaming Companies are betting on Blockchain for the future of Gaming

The¬†gaming industry¬†has seen a surge in the number of blockchained-based games that has created a new experience for both businesses and players. Blockchain games have many benefits such as enabling: enhanced security and lower-cost transactions improved user experience where players gain more control by selling or trading without the need for an intermediary. Square Enix¬†released […]

How PHC has created the best work experience

Today we published the most recent gen.talks, our podcast series, where we partnered with PHC Software to discuss how companies can create the best work experience possible. Since, for now, our podcast is in Portuguese, here‚Äôs a quick summary of what happened in English: PHC¬†is a software company that has developed several solutions for small […]

How to get started in the tech business


Many people from different backgrounds are shifting to tech these days. The reason? There is a huge demand from technology companies and a great shortage of talent. Plus, tech companies are increasingly available for their employees to work remotely, which many people prefer. So where can people start, having no previous knowledge or experience in […]

12 suggestions for getting back to work easily

September is a month specially branded for restarts: work, school, personal projects, and hobbies, amongst other things. But it is not always easy to get back to the routine without some issues. Here, we will share some tips to make a¬†seamless transition from vacation to work. In Portugal, it is estimated that 4 out of […]

Challenges of Working Remote

Remote work may sound like the ideal option for a lot of people, but in truth, it might not be as perfect as one can imagine. There are some challenges, both individually and as a team, that must be addressed and mitigated for a company to work efficiently, and for employees to experience motivation and […]

Innovation as the key driver of the global economy took part of Global Innovation Summit, a two-day event that was held in Centro de Congressos do Estoril, near Lisbon. This conference gathered worldwide leaders to talk about the importance of innovation in an ever-changing world, focusing primarily on Blue and Green economies, namely the Ocean and Nature. On June 22nd and 23rd, Portugal was […]

Why Mental Health should be a priority for companies has been focusing on finding new ways to improve the Mental Health of its team, providing information and helping people to know more about this subject while conducting initiatives that allow people to express how they feel this process should be better. We believe that it‚Äôs ok not to be ok and if people […]